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I began my firm as a partnership in 1992. We did projects for residential, commercial and municipal clients. The partnership was dissolved in 1995 and I founded Craig Rhodes Architect. I finished a large project for the New York City Housing Authority (designed by my partnership) and concentrated on residential projects, including my own house in Sag Harbor, NY. I moved with my family to Sag Harbor in 2006 and began a residential practice.

I believe in the elegance of simple design!

personal attention to each job
Each client receives one-on-one attention through the entire process.

client participation
To ensure my client’s needs are satisfied I constantly invite them to participate and provide input during the design process.

I see the creative process as one of problem solving. Each challenge that needs to be met informs the final design. The client provides the challenges. 

I am not wedded to any particular style so long as it is aesthetic, functional and can be built. Context is a most important consideration. Design review boards are another challenge that must be considered. My satisfaction comes from providing a functional, clean design that fits its context. 

I maintain a consistently high level of professional care and responsibility in each job. I work for a fee and that buys my clients my best efforts in guiding them through the construction process, as I know my clients would expect nothing less. Your project is my project.